Shipping / Terms

Here at Blazin Boas we do not sell to anyone under 18 without Parent or Guardians consent, we guarantee live arrival if picked up at airport within an 2 hours of landing if being shipped to home you or someone 18 or over must sign at drop off. It is your responsibility to know your local laws on what you can keep, also recommend a few things when snake ARRIVES

1.DO NOT PUT ON HEAT RIGHT AWAY give at least a hour or so before, going to one extreme to the other can do harmful to the animal. all of our boxes come with heat packs or cool packs pending on time of year.

2.DO NOT FEED THE ANAIML FOR AT LEAST A WEEK WEEK AND A HALF,  let the animal acclimate to its new environment

3.LIITLE OR NO HANDLING FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS, Excessive handling right away can stress the animal out and getting it to eat can be hard. AGAIN let the animal ACCLIMATE TO IT NEW ENVIRMENT.

If you do these easy steps you will have a very happy animal,

thank you for shopping with us and call for any questions