About Us

Here at Blazin Boas we breed quality and healthy boas take a look around thanks

We here at Blazin Boas specialize in breeding Boa morphs, Anthony has been into reptiles for 18 years he has a huge passion and love for these animals. He was big into Pythons in the beginning still finds them awesome animals and Blazin Boas will have a handful of Pythons soon. Around the age if 18 he got into working with venomous snakes and fall in love with it he is one of few people out there that has he’s US Fish & Wildlife permits to keep exotic hots he worked his tail off for working along side of his mentor Joel Almquist. With his experience with reptiles his life long best friend Ian Hacker and his son Seth Hacker we wanted to start up a Boa breeding business Seth loved coming over to Anthony’s house to look learn and help out with whatever Anthony needed he couldn’t do much being everything was venomous. So Anthony and Ian sat down and decided to look into what we wanted to get into Morph wise not just for us but for Seth so he can start getting his hands on experience.


Seth at only 13 years old loves and really wants to work and breed snakes and is doing great. Anthony’s two boys are the same way so it is a family business and we pride ourselves on Customer service. Feel free to call us anytime we love to chat about snakes.